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IHS Understands the Importance of Staff Recruitment and Training

26 February 2018

IHS is committed to attracting, retaining and growing a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Our employees are our most valued assets and we strive to ensure they feel this way by establishing workplace values, rules, policies, practices and behaviours that are fair and do not disadvantage people based on ethnicity, faith, sexual orientation, lifestyle choices  and / or gender.

We are proud to be an equal employment opportunity (EEO) supporter. Our EEO policy is designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • A diverse and skilled workforce.
  • A culture displaying fair workplace practices and behaviours
  • An environment where all employees feel valued and respected
  • A workplace that fosters and grows talent within
  • A workplace that provides employees the ability to pursue a career path of their choice
  • All workplaces are free from all forms of unlawful discrimination and harassment

IHS provides a 10 day training program to ensure every staff performs in an efficient and effective manner under the Hotel contractual requirements. This program consists not only of technical skills but:

  • Customer Service
  • Presentation & Grooming
  • Rules of Conduct
  • Client Expectations & Regulations
  • Security Procedures
  • Hotel Orientation including Facilities & Services
  • How to Liaise with Guests & Hotel Staff
  • Maintenance & Care of Equipment
  • Updating of Equipment, Operations & Procedures

“Since starting with IHS 3 years ago I have learnt a lot. I am highly motivated because I am empowered to make decisions knowing that I have the support of the management, which are professional and always treat me with respect. I have found IHS to be fair and pay staff in accordance with the award inclusive with the entitlements. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work as part of the IHS team.” Kabita Chapagai - IHS Customer Services Manager




IHS Expertise:

  • Provision of Housekeeping Staff
  • Provision of Top-up Labour
  • Public Area Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Carpet Cleaning and Repairs
  • Provision of Stewarding Staff
  • Hotel Spring Cleaning
  • Emergency Cleans
  • External Building Cleaning
  • Payroll Processing of Hotel Wages
  • Hygiene Services
  • Window Cleaning
  • Grounds Maintenance
  • Lampshade Repairs
  • Waste Management

For more information on how IHS can assist you call us on 02 9517 2180 or go to


IHS is committed to attracting, retaining and growing a diverse and inclusive workforce. 

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