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STCRC to Launch Online Resource for Tourism Research

Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC) are soon to launch an online resource to deliver research and tools to support improved policy and practice in Australian and international tourism. STCRC will be closing its doors on 30th June 2010, however, this important strategic legacy will be launched in June prior to the shutdown. The initiative is designed to be a world class interactive web portal which not only preserves and makes available STCRC research and tools, but also brings in other trusted sources of information relevant to the sustainable development of tourism, now and into the future. The information available will be in three main areas: Destinations and Communities; Business Operations; and Parks and Culture will also incorporate broader sustainable tourism themes. The site will provide users with quality, easy to access online sources of information and strong search functionality.

STCRC's subsidiary company, EC3 Global, will manage the portal for a minimum of 3 years until June 2013. STCRC is working with EC3 Global to develop and manage the ongoing public good elements of the portal. EC3 will be responsible for identifying and uploading new content to the site database and monitoring online community discussions, in addition to making their own tools and services available for interested users.

For further information on Sustainable Tourism Online contact:

John Fitzgerald, COO, STCRC
Phone: 07 5552 9079

Stewart Moore, CEO, EC3 Global
Phone: 07 3238 1900


This important strategic legacy is designed to be a world class interactive web portal which preserves STCRC research and brings in other trusted sources of information.

Monday, 17 May 2010

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