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Event Calendar

Webinar presented by AAoA Legal Partners - People + Culture Strategies

Webinar is complimentary for AAoA and ATHOC Members

When the decision has been made to say goodbye to an employee, organisations are often hyper-vigilant of general issues of fairness and payment of entitlements. Instead of running through the usual exit checklist, we will delve into deeper and less obvious points that businesses can miss when effecting a termination. 
Join us in our upcoming webinar where PCS Director, Chris Oliver will discuss:
  • The standard you walk past is the standard you accept; 
  • How to deal with the “Hi, I’m Lazarus” employees;
  • Pernicious Settlements – when dispute resolutions aren’t….
When: 12pm - 1pm (AEDT) Wednesday, 18 October 2017
Cost: Complimentary to current AAoA and ATHOC members. 

To register, please contact us at events@aaoa.com.au

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